Where Are They Now? Haley Campbell

Haley Campbell, a former graduate at UHS from the class of 2013, had the opportunity to return and cheer at the homecoming game. Haley was a cheerleader all four years of her high school career. Her freshman year she was on the junior varsity squad and sophomore through senior year she was on varsity. Before the homecoming game, the last time Haley cheered was her last high school game.  She thought it was a bit nerve racking because she assumed that everything would come back to her, which wasn’t the case. She said “It’s definitely easier when you’re 17 and used to doing it all the time but not when you’re 23 years old and haven’t cheered for six years.”

After high school, Haley’s family took the big step to move to North Carolina. The reason for her trip back home was due to being evacuated from her new home in the wake of hurricane Florence hitting the state of North Carolina. When her family left they had such short notice as everyone was forced to evacuate. They were in shock and left in such a hurry. They returned to Pennsylvania with no idea how long they would be away from their new home. After a week and a half the storm calmed down and thankfully they didn’t have much damage. It had been three years since Haley was in Uniontown and she said cheering at the football game was a great experience, that she had a really good time and made a lot of good memories.

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