Where are they now: Joseph Burke

My brother, Joseph Burke graduate of 2015 and played football throughout all 4 years of high school. Since starting the varsity football team his freshman year he’s played right tackle and nose guard making his hard work pay off. During his sophomore into junior year of high school he ran into health issues with his heart which sadly caused him to miss his sophomore into junior year of football, but he didn’t let that stop him. He worked harder than ever the rest of his junior year of conditioning.

Training extra hours and running extra miles after football practice made him one of the strongest football players on the team. He was then approaching senior year and despite the doctors orders he played every varsity game with his life being on the line and his dad helping him every step of the way to continue his fight for what he loved. Burke said “My favorite memory would have to be my senior season and being able to play with all those guys again and making all conference.”

My brother now works for Shallenburger construction company.  He is a heavy equipment operator and builds gas well pads and compressor station pads. He also helps coach younger soccer teams and coaches my indoor soccer team. He’s honestly been such a great role model since my dad passed away last year. He’s an all around great guy and smart person.

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