Where Are They Now? Justice McCargo

Justice is a graduate from Uniontown Area Senior High School, and is currently attending California University of Pennsylvania. She is going to graduate May of 2016 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Justice will be expecting a baby boy very soon this month and she and her family are very excited to welcome him! I asked Justice what she liked about CalU and she said “I like that Cal is close to home and I wasn’t to far from my family. I wasn’t ready to go too far just yet. I had started my first semester in my undergrad at only 17 years old. I also chose CalU because of Upward Bound and all of the connections I had already made through UB. It was also beneficial to me because it was easy transitioning and the campus was familiar to me.” I also asked Justice what she liked most about UHS when she was attending. She said “I liked UHS’s school spirit and how my graduating class was close. My teachers were always helpful and I left with lifetime friends.”

#Class of 2016!

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