Where Are They Now? Kay-la Bradley Stone

Kay-la Stone, also known as Bradley, is a 2008 graduate of Uniontown High school. She started here as a freshman in 2004. Kay-la enjoyed high school and still talks about the memories to this day.

A little before high school, she has worked since the age of 14. Her reasoning is, you cherish and value things a lot more if purchased with your own money. She also says that it’s all about learning to be responsible at a young age will mean a lot in the long run. She also volunteered for Young Inspirations Inc. which is a after school program for school students. A place to seek help with homework, problems of any sort, and service learning projects.

Kay-la attended job crops in Pittsburgh, and also attended WCCC to be an RN. Kay-la is now 27 years old and is married to Micheal Stone who is also a Uniontown graduate. They live in Uniontown as well and have two dogs, Phoenix and Kane.

With a lot of ambition and motivation, she is determine to finish her last few years of college and go on to be an RN. The best advice for high school students, is to stay in school and to stay focused and be positive. Kay-la commented, “Make life what you want it to be, not what someone wants you to be”.


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