Where Are They Now? Paula Sweitzer Thorpe

Paula (Sweitzer) Thorpe, graduated from Uniontown Area High School in 1990. When she was in high school she attended the Vo-Tech school for cosmetology. After graduation she worked at Nemacolin Woodlands for a few years. In 1994 she married Samuel Thorpe who was her ” high school sweetheart. ” Later on in 1996 she had her first daughter named Julie, then in 1998 she had Jonathan Thorpe, and in 2001 she had Jamiejo Thorpe.

She started at Penn State Fayette in 2008 for the nursing program and then graduated from from Penn State in 2012. After graduating from the nursing program she started at Hazelton Penitentiary. She works in health services as a nurse. When she first started working at Hazelton she had to do 3 weeks of training in Georgia because you have to learn safety and how to protect yourself if you get in a situation.I asked her what’s the scariest part about working in a prison with inmates, and she said ” The scariest part about working there is it’s just you and hundreds of inmates. No one else is with you because we’re so low staffed. So if something happens you can’t get involved, you have to wait for help and it takes a while.”

In 2015 a work related incident happened and she was placed on work leave. Later on in the year her doctors allowed her to go back to work on light duty. But then in 2017 the incident that happened in 2015 caused a hole in her spinal cord she was diagnosed with MS and Transverse Myelitis. She’s still currently on work leave but she’s now working with doctors finding a solution.

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