Where are they now? River McCarty-Cameron

River McCarty-Cameron was a graduate of the 2016 Uniontown High School class. After high school she was unsure about what she wanted to pursue, so she decided to take a gap year. When asked what led her to where she is now, she replied, “I got a job right out of high school working as a receptionist at Nemacolin “Wooflands” vet center. During my time here, I grew to love working with the animals and the people.” She decided that vet tech school is going to be the beginning of her career.

River is now just three months shy of graduation from Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. She will have completed a total of eighteen months of schooling. River’s final end goal is to become a Certified Veterinary Nurse. She says she is absolutely ecstatic about getting a job in this field.

However, River’s career isn’t the only exciting aspect of her life. River is also planning to get married to fellow UHS graduate Raymond Hanabeck this upcoming May. They also have a house lined up to purchase after Rivers graduation in December. River says she’s so excited to see where life takes her next.

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