Where are they Now? Tiffany Templeton

Tomahawk Talk sat down with 2015 graduate Tiffany Templeton to discuss life after high school.

TT: “What college are you attending now?”

TNT: “I attend Penn State Fayette.”

TT: “Is the college life anything like you expected it to be?”

TNT: “It’s for sure exhausting, a lot of studying, and sleepless nights because your worried about your grades. You do get a lot of freedom, but at the same time if you abuse the freedom, you have the possibility of flunking out”

TT: “Do you miss high school?”

TNT: “Yes, I wish I wouldn’t have taken for granted how easy the classes and studying was compared to college. I miss my friends from school who I haven’t really communicated with since graduation. I wish I could go back. I really do miss it.”

Tiffany’s favorite memory from high school was the Glow Dance. She is currently attending Penn State Fayette, and taking the nursing course. She went straight to college the fall after graduation. She is currently unemployed, but is looking around for a job at the Uniontown Mall.



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