Where Are They Now? Connor Tibbe

Connor Tibbe, an alumni of Uniontown Area High School, is currently a freshman at Waynesburg University. He is majoring in History and is intending on furthering his education by attending graduate school. Connor admits that college can be extremely stressful especially finals week but, he says that on off days “College is fun. Sitting around with friends and watching Netflix is probably one of the best feelings after a long week.” He is enjoying his days as a college student and can honestly say he doesn’t miss the high school days!

If Connor would have two words to tell the seniors of UHS, it would be time management. He said that ” Your teachers aren’t going to baby you in the slightest bit. If you keep track of your assignments and stay focused, everything will fall into place. But, if that’s not the case…Good luck. ”

A little bit about WU:

Faith. Learning. Service. Those three pillars are the mission at Waynesburg University that continue to guide students more than 165 years the founding. What does that mean for a student at Waynesburg? It means committed faculty members, small class sizes and practical hands-on experiences combining student to prepare for a lifetime of success and opportunities are available to develop students into leaders that transform God’s world. It means an affordable education that will benefit students throughout their lifetime.¬†Waynesburg University educates students to make connections between faith, learning and serving so that they might faithfully transform their communities and the world. As a Christian comprehensive University, they strive to inspire students to a life of leadership and purpose for the glory of God.

We wish Connor the best of luck in all of his future endeavors!

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