Who is St. Patrick?

Every year on March 17th we have the holiday St. Patrick’s day. Does anyone actually know who St. Patrick is or why we celebrate him? Most of us probably know that St. Patrick’s day is a day to celebrate Roman Catholic feast day for the patron saint of Ireland. But who is St. Patrick?

The mysterious man that we celebrate on St. Patrick’s day his birth name really isn’t Patrick. His birth name is actually Maewyn. His birth place is Roman Britain not Ireland. He was brought to Ireland after he was kidnapped and forced into slavery in Ireland. After he was enslaved in Ireland he escaped to a monastery in France and converted to Christianity. Then he went back to Ireland in 432 as a missionary. When he came back Christianity had already taken hold in Ireland. But tradition has it that Patrick confronted the Druids and abolished their pagan rites. This led to more widespread Christianity.

Patrick became a bishop after Christianity became widespread. When he died he became known as Ireland’s patron saint. When the Irish immigrated to America during the Irish potato famine in 1845–1849 bigger celebrations and parades as most of us know today became.

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