Why Having Goals are Important

What is a goal? A goal is a personal object of desire that you wish to achieve within a short or long period of time. Everybody has goals and ambitions but not many people understand just how important it is to make these for yourself. Here are five reasons why goal setting is important from day to day life!

1. Goals give you a focus

You can have all of the talent in the world but without focus, you could go nowhere. You need something to look forward to; something to aim for using your strengths and your interests. A goal provides this and will guide you to a more focused life style.

2. Goals help you to not procrastinate 

We all do procrastinate, especially as teenagers. But setting goals to get something finished by a certain time can help combat this. Set reminders as your goal time or write yourself a note. The best way to not procrastinate is to make goals to stop you from doing so.

3. Goals keep you distracted

If you know you have something that needs to be accomplished by a certain time, you won’t get distracted as easily as if you just “going with the flow”.

4. Goals give you motivation

Goals give you something to work towards. It motivates you to be the best that you can be and to get you to your goal in a timely manner.

5. Goals help measure progress

Goals always give you a benchmark or endpoint to something that you want to achieve. There can be multiple steps to achieving a goal or in other words, little goals within one big one. Even the little girls matter in achieving greatness.


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