Why Joe Biden Has Not Officially Won

As of November 10th 2020 the president-elect is Joe Biden. Many have gone to the streets to both cheer in excitement, mourn, and protest the results. The issue here is Joe Biden has not officially been elected into office until December 14th when the official calls will be made.
This past week all major news media has been publicizing the false narrative that Biden is are next president. The true election will take place later this year we’re electors chosen by there respective parties will make the cast the vote of which president won which state.
During most elections the electors agree with the current results, but with the current president Donald Trump calling out different events of the election as evidence of fraud. The ensuing court battles could possibly reveal any evidence of fraud leading to a recount that can quickly change the corse of the election.
The fraud if revealed could swing states from one side to another forcing the electoral votes to change, and the electoral representative to be replaced for that state.
If no fraud is discovered the election will still be in Biden’s favor. As we currently stand in this election Joe Biden is the projected winner of the 2020 election. Becoming the next president of the United States of American.

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