Why Junior Year Is The Most Important Year

For most students, their Junior year may not seem that important to them as it is just another year in school.  This assumption about the Junior year of high school however, is strongly misunderstood.  Junior year of high school IS in the fact the most important year of your high school career.

The reasoning behind this accounts for a good bit of important causes, the most important one being colleges.  Entering your Junior year in high school, you will approach a time where you will not need to consider what colleges you are planning to look at.  When looking at colleges, it is important to know that they pay the MOST attention to the grades and GPA of your Junior year.  Yes all other years of high school are important, but your Junior year will stand out the most to colleges.

Another important reasoning for Junior year being one of the most important is because it preps you for your senior year and also helps get more work done for your senior project which will be presented your senior year.  During your junior year, you will write your junior speech which is a vital part in your senior project completion.  This is a speech about what you had chosen for your senior project, the steps you took to set it up, what you did during it, and also if you plan to continue this throughout your lifetime.

This next reasoning is important to an extent, but it also depends on your freshman and sophomore year as well.  Your junior year, you may get the honor to be considered to be nominated for the National Honor Society.  However, you have to average a 3.5 accumulative GPA within all 3 of your Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year.  If you did well your freshman and Sophomore year, that’s great!  You still need to pay the most attention to your Junior year because if you are one of those to be considered to be nominated into NHS, you do not want to drop the ball on your junior year and jeopardize that.

All high school years are important, there’s no doubt about that.  Junior year, however, will be the most important year while you’re in high school.  From colleges looking at your transcripts and grades, to preparing more and more for your senior project, there is not a doubt that junior year is the most important.  Work hard, study when needed, surround yourself with people that have a positive influence to you, pay attention in class, ask for help when needed and dedicate yourself.  If you do all of these, I promise that you will have a successful Junior year that will benefit you in the long run.

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