Wildfires In Australia

According to CNN News, the Australia wildfires are countrywide and are mainly caused by drought and extreme heat, but dozens of people are directly to blame for some of the problem, officials say. NSW Police have taken legal action against 183 people, 40 of them are juveniles, for fire-related offenses since November 8, the statement said. The legal actions range from cautions to criminal charges.

At least 24 people have died nationwide during this fire season. While the fires have touched every state in Australia, New South Wales has been the hardest hit. The blazes have been burning across Australia for months, scorching homes and destroying entire towns. Nearly 18 million acres of land have been burned.

Nearly half a billion animals have been affected by the fires in New South Wales alone and millions of them are potentially dead, according to ecologists at the University of Sydney. Birds, reptiles and mammals, except bats, are among those affected. Insects and frogs aren’t included in that number.

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