Winter Storm Jonas

and continued on until January 24.  Farmington reported getting 24.5 inches of snow. In Uniontown there were 24 inches of snow reported. As a result of the snow there were at least 4,000 power outages across the state. Also on the PA turnpike some tractor trailers jackknifed by the Allegheny Tunnel.

As a result of the weather getting warmer in the next few days people are worried about flooding. Flooding is a huge issue because it can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Fortunately there was no major flooding reported as a result of the snow melting. The temperatures did not get high enough to melt all the snow at one time luckily or there could’ve been major damage done as a result of the snow melting.

Storm Jonas has also created problems for students. Many students walk to school daily. Since there was such a large amount of snow build up on the sidewalks kids couldn’t walk on them and had to walk in the streets. Districts had two hour delays so that students could be outside after the sun rise.

We will have to see what the rest of the winter holds in store and if there will be any future snow days.

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