Winter Weather

This week we have been experiencing notably cold weather on the East Coast, but a severe winter storm is on its way. First, the storm will hit the East Coast from north Florida to Maine with ice and snow. Then, by Thursday, the severe winter storm will resemble a winter hurricane, blasting easternmost New England with blinding snow in addition to possibly damaging winds.

Weather forecasters are predicting the storm will turn into a “bomb cyclone,” because its pressure is predicted to fall very fast, an indicator of growing strength. The storm could rank as the most intense over the waters east of New England in decades at this time of year.

The Weather Channel website gave some tips about how to get through the storm.  Ice on frozen door handles can be melted off with hand sanitizer, kitty litter can help get a stuck car out of the snow, running your ceiling fan clockwise and on a low setting to push warm air back to floor level, and parking your car with your windshield facing east will melt snow on the windshield and help warm the car fast.

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