Women on $20s

The United States has decided to feature Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill instead of Andrew Jackson. This was because of the movement called “Women on $20s.” “Women on $20s” was created by a group of people who believed that the U.S. should feature a women on U.S. Currency. They decided to go with the $20 bill because of the fact that women got suffrage, or voting, rights in 1920. They also want the bill to enter circulation by 2020 in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage rights in the United States. They decided on Harriet Tubman through a poll that was conducted between 15 different candidates, over 600,000 people voted and Tubman received the most votes. Unfortunately it seems that this new bill won’t be entering circulation until 2030. However, this is still a big step forward for their movement.

Originally, the U.S. Treasury was going to be putting Harriet Tubman on the $10 bill, and she would have replaced Alexander Hamilton. They were going to put her on the $10 bill because it was already up for a redesign. The United States changes the design of the bills every few years as a measure against counterfeiting. However, many people were against replacing Alexander Hamilton as he was the first Secretary of the Treasury, and he was a driving factor in the establishment of the U.S. economic and banking system. He has also been popular recently due to love for the play Hamilton written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The Treasury has since decided to change Andrew Jackson who is on the twenty instead.

Andrew Jackson was chosen to be replaced instead because of a combination of reasons. One such reason was that he was a slave owner and spent a good bit of his presidency in a gridlock with the Second Bank of the United States. Some people viewed this as a good reason to replace him on the twenty. In conclusion, “Women on $20s” is attempting to speed up the changing process so they can get the bill out sooner then 2030, more information can be found on their website here. Quite a few people are looking forward to the change and can’t wait to finally see a women on U.S. paper currency which hasn’t happened since Martha Washington, who is best known for being the wife of George Washington, was on the $1 silver certificate in the 1890s.

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