World Kindness Day

Its been wonderful day at West Penn Hospital where baby’s have been dressed in cardigans, tie, and shoes, for world kindness day and to honor Mr. Rogers. Six of the newborns in the maternity ward have been given a cardigan and tie. The cardigans and shoes were hand made by one of the nurses and took about two and a half hours to make. The parents were allowed to keep the outfits.

Mr Rogers wife, Joanne Rogers, was invited to come and visit the babies and loved it. She even wore one of her late husband’s old sweaters for the occasion. She said that Fred loved babies and would have loved to be there.

Stephanie Waite a spokesperson for hospital sent an email to USA Today. She said this is not the first time that they dressed up as babies in costumes and also do so for Halloween and Christmas. She said, “We wanted to join in the spirit of kindness with our most adorable ambassadors, our newborn babies.”

There is a movie coming out soon “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” starring Tom Hanks that will release November 22.

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