World’s First McDonald’s Next

Last month, McDonald’s transformed one of their branches in Hong Kong into a more “modern and progressive” restaurant called McDonald’s Next. The restaurant includes a salad bar with “two choices of salad base greens, two kinds of cheese, three flavors of sauces, and quinoa”. They also offer table service after 6PM along with premium coffee blends. The restaurant has taken on a glass and metallic look, and includes phone charging stations, free WiFi, and self-ordering counters.

Apparently, McDonald’s was losing business and thought that this upgrade would begin to bring more people in. Surveys showed that 50% of people claim to want to lose weight and 75% of those people are turning to more natural foods. Also, bringing in more modern technology could attract consumers. The old menu is still available at McDonald’s Next and they offer a new concept, CYT (Create Your Own Taste), which allows you to customize your burger on a touch screen. Of course, prices are a tad bit higher. Overall, the new restaurant has gotten positive feed-back and many think that it feels more like a cafe than a McDonald’s.

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