WPIAL Summit

UHS athletic director, Mr. Scott, invited six of our student athletess to attend the WPIAL summit. Those who attended were Tyannah Eddings, Jada McCargo, Andrew Maher, Nathan Lucy, Michael Mercadante, and Karsyn Lucy. Mr. Scott said he choose these students because they were leaders in their sports and they are great and respectful students. The event was held in Pittsburgh at the Heinz history center, and many schools were invited to attend.

At this event, there were many speakers from different counties who spoke about how to be leaders in the sport(s) we play. The director of the WPIAL spoke about the word respect and the message of the day was to “Respect the Game”. Each student was given a shirt to wear with that phrase on it. They also showed examples of what good and bad sportsmanship looks like. They even split up the males and females and put us in groups to give us different scenarios of what to do if you were touched or put in an uncomfortable position.

Overall, the event was held to help spread the word of positivity and good sportsmanship when playing in a game for any sport.

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