Write to Dream by Brad Killmeyer

Brad Killmeyer is an author and youth speaker.  Through his personal story and experiences, he helps entertain and inspire high school students to overcome challenges and use those challenges to their advantage.  He recently spoke to Mrs. Hough’s Career Development, Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship classes.  Mr. Killmeyer earned an economics degree from Washington and Jefferson College.  In high school he was a four sport athlete, student council executive officer, and winner of the Humanitarian award.

In his book, Write to Dream, Killmeyer asks the question, “What does your future look like?” In this 21 day journal, students are given a daily affirmation with space to write what they are thankful for, what would make today successful, positive things that happened, and a timeless memory.  Killmeyer encourages students  to create goals, make a commitment to yourself, and journal each day.  He believes that this will help you stay focused and motivated, as well as help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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