Writing and Poetry Contest Deadline Coming Soon

If you are interested in participating students and faculty in Tomahawk Talk’s Writing and Poetry Contest, the deadline is coming soon. Remember to have all your works turned in to Jordan Coddington and or Mrs. Marzano by January 25th! We have received twelve entries so far and we would like to thank those who helped contribute their writing abilities.  Those wishing to participate have FIVE days left to turn in whatever they so desire. Please remember to grab a form and attach it to your story or poem. Prizes will be awarded to first and second place. First place will receive a $25 iTunes Gift Card, get an interview with Tomahawk Talk, and a picture taken, along with getting your work published in its own article. Second place will receive an interview, picture taken, and also getting your work published in its own article as well.

Plagiarizing will not be tolerated, taking part in such is an automatic disqualification. Thank you for your cooperation.



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