Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

There has been a debate on whether the Xbox or PlayStation is better. Over the past years people have been arguing if Xbox or PlayStation is better. There is pros and cons on each console.

Xbox one X:

Pros- The Xbox One X has slightly better hardware then the PS4 Pro. c It can handle 4K and HDR enhanced game play and video playback, which naturally looks gorgeous if you own a compatible TV to view it on. Despite being the most expensive video game console to date,its design and capable hardware are worth the cost for gamers who are ready to invest in a high-end, immersive gaming experience.

Cons- More expensive Dubious value. No VR support.

PS4 Pro:

Pros: Stunning graphics with 4K and HDR
             Games load more quickly
             Enhances some PS4 and PSVR games

Cons: No Blu-ray 4K
Power and eject buttons feel cheap.

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