Xbox series X vs PS5

As so many people know especially gamers know about the new consoles coming out. The xbox series x and the ps5 was an exciting news for game lovers. Both consoles are powerful with 4k at up to120 frames per second, and also supports ray tracing as well as faster loading time.

I’m more of an xbox person so I was really excited for the new one. I had an xbox when the 360 came out and from the xbox one I have and the 360, I really cannot wait to see what the series x brings. All go my friends had it so I was always an xbox fan. the new xbox series has a more surround sound and 4k so it feels you are more in the game. with the 4k gaming, it looks more surreal, you get true-to-life reflections and shadows.

The design of the new PS5 looks so modern and different. Same as the xbox it also has 4k tv and ray tracing. It has fast uploading and faster loading same as the xbox. They both serve the same purpose but it was always controversial for gamers. But now both Microsoft and Sony teamed up with game sharing for both consoles

Many improvements with the new consoles. Many upgrades and more technology put into them.

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