10 Movies to Binge Watch During Quarantine

All movie theaters are currently shut down and we all are stuck at home with a forecast of cold rainy weather. If you are not sure of what movies to watch here’s some I recommend.

  1. Hot Summer Nights: Romantic/Drama movie about a teenage boy’s summer in Cape Code, Massachusetts.
  2. Dear John: Romance/War is about a soldier who meets a college student when he comes home from serving. They write letters to each other when he goes back to being deployed.
  3. In the Tall Grass: Horror/Drama is about a brother and sister who enter a field to save a boy who called for help, but they cannot escape from the grass after they enter.
  4. Step Brothers: Comedy which Will Ferrell and John Reilly become step brothers. They both are both mid-aged men who are lazy and unemployed so they live with their parents.
  5. Dude: Comedy/Drama is about four best friends who wants to live up the last two weeks of their senior year. They try to adapt major life changes that they’ll face after high school.
  6. The Outsiders: Drama which we all watched in 9th grade English class. It’s about a teen gang in rural Oklahoma called the Greasers that are beefing with the Socials.
  7. All the Fast and Furious Movies: Action films centered around illegal street racing, heists and spies.
  8. The Breakfast Club: Comedy/Drama is about five high school students from different backgrounds forced together for a Saturday attention.
  9. After: Romance/Drama which a freshman college student meets a mysterious bad boy and they fall in love.
  10. Shrek: Animation/Comedy that is about an ogre that lived in a far away swamp. We all watched it but it gets funnier every time.

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