2013-2014 New Teachers

Uniontown Area High School has welcomed new teachers for the 2013-2014 school year.  A few of the new teachers have opened up about their experience, life, and education.  Some of the new teachers include Miss Mahoney, Miss Gall, and Mr Johnson.  Their first two weeks were very overwhelming, busy, exciting, and great all at the same time.

Miss  Gall:


Miss Marissa Gall’s first two weeks have been extremely busy and a bit overwhelming. The best thing about teaching at Uniontown High School is she gets to experience many different cultures and backgrounds. She was a substitute here and is now a full time teacher. She is a graduate of Laurel Highlands and attended Saint Vincent College.  She studied History Secondary Education and received her master’s degree at California University of PA. She currently teaches Civics/ PA History. Outside of teaching students she loves to run, travel, read, attend Pittsburgh Penguin games, and coach swimming.

Miss Mahoney:

DSC00700Miss Mahoney’s first two weeks of teaching at Uniontown were great.  She really enjoys getting to know all of the students. The best thing about teaching at Uniontown is that she never knows what the day would bring.  Miss Mahoney attended Laurel Highlands and California University of PA.  She majored in secondary education with a concentration in social studies. At Uniontown High School she is currently teaching Civics/PA History. Outside of teaching you may see her working at the YMCA.  She enjoys working out, traveling, and eating.


Mr. Johnson:


Mr. Johnson’s first two weeks of teaching at Uniontown High School were amazing and he wouldn’t trade it for the world! When it comes to teaching the best thing is drawing from others experiences, and building an awesome learning environment.  Mr. Johnson is used to the teaching, not in PA but in Georgia.  He attended Peoria Notre Dame High School in Illnois. He then studied at AMU (American Military University) majoring in counter intelligence. He currently teaches the S.T.A.R. (Students Taking Active Roles) Club course. Outside of teaching he is very passionate about cars, he loves fixing, breaking, and re-fixing all types of automobiles!

Mrs. Swenglish:


Mrs. Swenglish first two weeks at Uniontown High School were very busy, but excellent! She loves to teach  in the atmosphere and likes knowing that she has made a difference in the area where she grew up. Before teaching life skills she was a paraprofessional at Ben Franklin School in grades 2-5. She attended Albert Gallatin High School and California University of PA where she studied Special/ Elementary Education. She is currently teaching the life skills class.  Outside of teaching she enjoys being outdoors, scrap booking, and being with friends and family.

Welcome to our school and good luck throughout your first year!

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