2020 Recap

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone. It turned out to be a year that nobody was expecting. So much happened in 2020 from wildfires, a global pandemic virus, election, racial protest and so much more.

The biggest issue that is still occurring to this day is the Corona virus. It first was found in January in China and is believed to have originated from a bat. The virus is a spreads quickly and affects the respiratory system. If has serious consequences to the older population and anyone with underlying conditions. In March, the country shut down schools for two weeks to mitigate the spread of the virus reaching the U.S. Little did we know, that was the last time we would be in school on a regular day. We are still fighting the virus along with other countries around the world.

Black Lives Matter Protest

Another historical even in 2020 were the racial protests all around the country. It started with the death of George Floyd who died at the hands of a white police officer. Black Lives Matter was the main point of the protest. I was proud of the people who went out and protested for their lives. This was a big movement for social justice and for our corrupt justice system.

2020 Election

Another issue of 2020 was the presidential election. This had to be the most intense election I’ve ever lived through. There was so much division during the debates. Groups like Gen Z, a younger group, went out and voted in record numbers due to the fact that so much was at risk in this election. Many people known as baby boomers supported Donald Trump while many Get Z supported Biden for the fact he didn’t want to divide the nation. Biden was also seen to want more things done about the virus as Trump thought it was a hoax initially.

2020 was probably the most historic year I have lived through with my future at risk and even my family and my life. With the presidency, protests, and the major virus, so much can happen in one year.

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