2021 & 2022 UHS Hall of Fame

The Uniontown Area High School Hall of Fame assembly was held on September 2, 2022. The Hall of Fame honors graduates from Uniontown Area High School. They came to speak about their time at UHS and what they are doing now. The honorees that came to the Hall of Fame were very kind to talk to the Juniors and Seniors. Some of them were football coaches and basketball coaches. We are grateful that they came to our school to share why school is important and why we shouldn’t take it for granted.

Uniontown Area High School wanted to have a Hall of Fame last year in 2021, but they couldn’t have one because of COVID. Because of this, both 2021 and 2022 classes were honored this year.

The Class of 2021 Hall of Fame honorees are:

  • Dr. Lawrence R. John (1968)
  • Jess Ball (1959)
  • Dr. Debbie (Sangston) Hindle (1967)
  • Patrick Daugherty (1968)
  • Ron Gmys (1988)
  • Tamora Pierce (1972)
  • Sal Mercadante (1968)
  • Marc Vassar (1988)
  • Lauren George Clemmer (2001)
  • Coach Ross Orndorff (1961)
  • Jim Shaner (1955)
  • 1981 Marching Band

The Class of 2022 Hall of Fame honorees are:

  • Rich Kalich (1963)
  • Eric Martin (1987)
  • Alison Show-Madill (1997)
  • Frank “G” Garbutt (1973)
  • Raymond Robinson, Sr. (1998)
  • Stuart McLee (1987)
  • Becky Oglevee (1982)
  • Coach WIllie Bryant (1967)
  • Rev. Vincent L. Winfrey (1969)
  • 1957 Football Team
  • 1975 Football Team
  • Jubal Margroff (1997)

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  1. This was a very nice article. It was nice to see what Uniontown High School is doing now as well as what some of their graduates have done. Thank you for Sharing the activities that are going on at the school.

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