2022 Girls basketball season

I asked a girl from each grade a few questions about this coming season. 

First I have freshman Miya Harris. I asked Miya how she thinks the team will do this year, her response was that she thinks her team will do pretty good and have a good chance of having a great season. Something she wants to tell next years freshman girls who plan on joining the team to make sure you keep up, these girls have a lot of trust with one another so just be a team player. Something Miya has learned is that its not hard to be on this team as long as u put the work in and trust your team. 

Next I interviewed sophomore A’kira Dade. Her expectations for this season are high! She believes that this will be a great season, and even better then last year. She thinks their team has really grown and have done a lot of team building over the summer. Her advice for this years freshman is to not give up and always lean on your team, and work together. Something she has learned from her experience on the team so far is never give up, never stop playing, and make lots of memories! 

Junior Aliyah Saunders thinks that this will be a very good season, and they will do better then last year. she would like to tell the freshman this year to take it seriously and work with your team not against them, it is a team sport! This season has taught her how to be a team leader, and how to build a winning team. She thinks that the most challenging teams for them this year are TJ and Trinity, but with work and determination they know they can win! 

Lastly I have senior Sophia Friend. Sophia has played on this team since freshman year and loves the sport. Sophia thinks that they will be very good this season and have a very good chance of having a successful season. Something that she has to say about this years freshman is that they will be a great asset to the team and she can’t wait to be a role model and mentor for them. Something that Sophia has learned from the past four years of being on this team is to work hard and stay focused if you want to see progress in your playing. 

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