2022 NFL Draft look Ahead

As the NFL season came to an end on February 14, 2022 with the Rams becoming your champions we prepare to look ahead at the draft which is rapidly approaching. There are a few mock drafts out with the most reliable one through the years being Athlon Sports mock draft. Over the last five years they have done four perfectly predicted mock drafts on their first try. They have now realized their first predictions for this draft making a lot of people start to settle in as this draft will most likely be almost if not an exact reenactment of the Athlon Sports mock draft.

This mock draft has a common stand point with most other sites doing mock drafts. Almost all of them have teams like the Lions taking Aidan Hutchinson from Michigan in the first round. A team like the Giants have two first round picks, one predicted by most everyone that it will be Tyler Linderbaum from Iowa state university. There is a lot of talk about what will become of the QB from Pitt, Kenny Pickett. He actually had a move he made get banned because of its effectiveness when he used it due to his outstanding speed and overall athleticism. Kenny is going to be a first round pick no matter since many teams want and need Kenny behind their offense. The main teams that are looking at Kenny right now are the Broncos, Steelers, Seahawks, Commanders, and the Green Bay Packers.

When the draft comes the Washington Commanders have the seventh overall pick in the first round which is the second out of any team currently interested in Kenny Picket with Broncos being the first. If they get Kenny it will not be through the first round most likely as they are currently looking into Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner a CB out of the University of Cincinnati. This probably means Kenny will be picked up be the Commanders but there is still the chance that the Commanders will go for someone else as they do have there eyes on a unnamed Defensive linemen out of Alabama though they wont name him there is speculations who it most likely is. As of now Kenny is looking like he will be a Washington Commander, but much of Pittsburgh and some other places really want Kenny behind there offensive line, so as of right now he is going to be a large factor in the draft that will decide what a lot of teams do. Until then we have to wait and see for what happens and what out takes teams will be taking these next few weeks before the draft.

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