25 Years of Waiting and Atlanta Wins

The Atlanta Braves defeated the Houston Astros in the World Series last Tuesday. The final score was 7-0, along with a ring from the World Series and a trip to the white house. Atlanta was coming into this game a little worried coming into this game. They had to beat them at home, but they knew it wouldn’t be easy.

The team was led by outfielder, Jorge Soler. The 446 foot homerun he hit gave Atlanta the advantage early, and they never looked back. Freddie Freeman (1B) also contributed his part in that game by hitting a solo shot to center to give some insurance runs to “secure the bag.” Personally, Everyone knew that team deserved to win, because they played their hearts out the entire playoffs.

Overall, I believe the Braves had a hard-fought victory, but also had the most heart. It showed by them wining it all, and the fame that comes with it. Despite Acuña Jr. being out for the last remainder of the season and playoffs, they still proved the world wrong.

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