Back On Track

By: Katie Kerr

Time to stretch and run!  Yes, that is right, the track team is preparing for the upcoming season.  Even in the cold weather we can find these troopers running and jogging to get in shape to beat our rivals in foot races, pole volt, and other fantastic sporting events.

Through out the years our coaches have done a magnificent job at being a supportive driving force behind the track team.  Coach Jeffries and Coach Scott have been pushing the track teams to work hard and do better.  These influential men and their never back down attitude have shaped the greatness of the teams past and future.

This year two young coaches bring themselves to the forefront of the track to guide our young runners to greatness.  As Coach Scott and Coach Jeffries step down, Coach Piccolomini and Coach Girod become the new leaders giving a new dynamic to the practices.  As Coach Girod focuses on long distance runners, Coach Piccolomini handles the task of sprinters, jumpers, and throwers.   Without fail they motivate their students to have fun and do their best, while educating them on how to do better, push harder, and go farther than ever before.

Students seem to take well to the new coaches. Coach Girod and Coach Piccolomini have a unique ability to relate to our track stars and understand the mindset of the students.

The newest runners feel at ease with nothing but positive influences.  No matter how out of shape or slow they may feel, they are never put down, they are pushed harder to do better and to never give up.  The track conditioning may be rough at times but that is why the coaches are dedicating their time to help the students become stronger.

Coach Girod and Coach Piccolomini have been working hard to make our runners, jumpers, throwers in tip top shape for the track season.  The students of UHS have been trying to push themselves to be better than last year and the year before.

“I wish Coach Piccolomini nothing but success, also I hope the traditions that have been established carry on here.  I have enjoyed my time as a track coach but unfortunately, because of family life, I had to step down.  Tell the kids ‘Run hard, do your best and have fun.’ ”  says Coach Jeffries, who was the head coach for eight years and the assistant coach for four years.

What is your take on the new coaches? How do you think it will effect how the students perform this coming season?  Let us know by commenting below.


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2 Comments on “Back On Track”

  1. Thank you Katie for the great article, thanks for the encouraging words Mr. Jeffries. Coach Girod and I will do our best to be positive influences on our STUDENT-athletes. VAMOS!

  2. I would like to wish the track team and it’s new coaches the best of luck. It has been a pleasure coaching the students and watching them have so much success because of the hard work you have done. I will miss the meets and the kids. Have a great year!!
    Coach Scott

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