Academic League Wins Tournament

On March 4th, the Academic League traveled to Penn State Fayette for the final tournament, where they tested their knowledge on trivia regarding literature, history, and more! They competed against Laurel Highlands, Waynesburg (whom they competed against twice at the tournament) and Albert Gallatin.

The Varsity team, consisting of Nolan Ranker, who is also the captain, Alyssa Holt, Carson McClintock, Andrew Schoener, Malcolm Patton, and Brody Smith, who lead the team in points. They beat Laurel Highlands by only a few points, but beat Waynesburg twice, the first time by eleven points, and the second time by twenty.

The junior varsity team also had great success during this competition. The team was made up of Jimmy Thompson, Grant Barcheck, Brooklyn Williams, and Addison Wilhelm. They played Albert Gallatin in the finals and won the tournament as well as the season! Congratulations to the academic league for a very successful season!


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