A Day in the Life of a UASD Band Member

What is it like to be in the Band, you ask? You need to have patience with other people, and love doing what you do in this awesome program. This program starts with you signing up the previous year. You then enter what band members call “Mini Band Camp” which is at the school from 9 in the morning until about noon from Monday until Friday of that week. What you do this week is learn the show music and basically get to meet everyone again for another awesome season.

You then get the weekend off, and mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare for next week which is “Band Camp” or in other words, “death camp”. Normally during this week the temperatures for whatever reason are above 90 degrees the whole day and it never rains. You either bathe in sun block or burn. It’s five days of emotionally draining work to produce a show by the end of the week. You are there from 9 in the morning until 8 at night, and its just so tiring.

But in the end you have become closer with many of your friends, you have an amazing show to put on for another three months during the football games and you honestly couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

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