A Look Back in Time at Senior High News

Uniontown High schools first newspaper was called “Senior High News”.  This was the medium used to inform students about upcoming events and things that were going on in the community.  Senior High News was similar to Tomahawk Talk but of course back in 1938 we did not have the technology that we do now.  Imagine a time when the only way to learn about something was the printed page or a conversation.  These were the days before social media and online news.  Instead of scrolling through your feed, you opened up the printed page.  The paper was printed several times a year in a fashion similar to the local newspaper.

The Senior High News had many advertisements from local retailers, dance studios, dry cleaners, and candle shops.  Most of these do not exist in the city of Uniontown that we know today.  The price of shoes were listed for a mere $3.95, a price unheard of in today’s economy.  During the holidays students were asked to write a letter to Santa for Christmas. There is a collection of historic Senior High News printed in black white and bound together as a book.  These are curated in our very own library.  Stop in to check them out.  You may find an article or picture of a distant relative or family friend.

In later years, the newspaper was renamed, “The Tomahawk” and continued to be printed quarterly.  Staff changes and price increases caused the paper to lie dormant for several years.  In 2012 a new digital publications course began and the paper was moved to an online magazine format.  The paper was renamed “Tomahawk Talk”, which honored the previous name but spoke to the new platform as a place to share information.  Students wrote and produced every story using the online blogging software WordPress.  For the first time anyone with Internet access could visit www.uhstalk.org and learn about the great work that the students and teachers at Uniontown High School were doing.

Stories are categorized by Student Life, Editorials, Events, Sports, and Entertainment.   The sidebar features inspirational quotes, photo galleries, polls, a graduation countdown, and weather updates.  Soon after the inception of an online paper, social media channels were added.  You can subscribe, like, share, and follow @UHSTalk on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.  In addition to written stories, featured images and video stories were incorporated into the the newspaper.  Some of the most popular student produced videos include “Teachers Read Mean Tweets” (which has over 12,000 views), “LipDub“,  “UHS Unboxed“, “A Tribute to Mr. Fortugna“, and the infamous “Teacher Lip Sync Battle“.  In 2014 students began producing a weekly newscast that was featured on the site.  During the summer of 2017 the news room was moved to the computer lab in the library in addition to a new sound and video studio.  This was made possible by the generous donation of alumni Mr. John Gismondi and the “Gismondi Center for Media Arts” was formed.  The announcements that were previously read over the intercom were now broadcast live utilizing a green screen and virtual studio technology.

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