A Note of Thanks

By: Olivia Riggin

Sunday, February 10, 2013. I walked to Pizza Hut in Target to buy a fountain drink as my mom and sister were getting our cell phone contract renewed. It was a great day! I was on my way back to the back of the store with my drink and as I approached the electronics department I was puzzled to only see the Target Mobile Consultant standing alone with a bewildered look. Then the words that came out of her mouth next changed my life completely.

“Something about a fire, someone called something about a fire,” It was nothing but a big blur after that, my heart stopped. I ran as fast as I could to the front of the store. Although it felt as though I was walking in slow motion. As I approached the front of the store, I saw the distorted look on my moms face. After that it was a daze. We rushed home and when we got there my house was completely engulfed in flames.

This kind of event is something that I would never have expected to happen to my family. One of those tragic things you see on the news but you would never imagine would happen to you. As the fire consumed my home, the news was starting to leak out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013. I returned to school and received nothing but love and condolence from my friends, teachers, and even people I barely know. Uniontown High School gets some of the worst publicity in Fayette County, and all I know is UHS has heart. Everyone pulled together for me and my family. It was, no still is, wonderful. I was welcomed with nothing but hugs. The school provided me and my siblings Dylan Riggin, and Angel Riggin with new school books, new book bags, and school supplies.

Thursday, February 14, 2013 It was Valentine’s Day and extended homeroom, I walked into school and to my surprise and huge group of my friends hosted a bake sale for me! They also presented me with a stuffed animal Winnie the Pooh bear! I cried, sentimental gifts are the best ones you can get in this type of situation. My family also received TONS of donations ranging from clothes, hygiene products, shoes,  gift cards, even help finding a place for our dogs. Teachers at our school also payed for two dress-down days during the week.

I just want to extend my thank you to my fellow classmates, teachers, guidance, the office and central. Our family is so grateful it cannot be described in words. Many people outside of Uniontown say they would never want to come to our school but I am proud to be here and proud to be a Red Raider!


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