A Teacher’s Life

 Amy Dawn Leasure Shaffer was born during 1973 in Meyersdale Pennsylvania. Her parents were and came from deferential surroundings. They were one George Leasure, a soldier, and Sharon Leasure, a bank worker. Soon after birth on the same night, however, it was discovered she had Hyaline Membrane Disease, the same illness that caused the death of President Kennedy’s son, Patrick, because both were born prematurely. So serious was this that she had to be life-flighted to Pittsburgh’s Maggee Women’s Hospital by helicopter for immediate treatment. There she stayed for 32 days under constant watch until the resident surgeon Dr. Rock could correct the issue completely. This helicopter miracle baby was featured in 2 newspaper articles like the one shown above and was still perfectly fine 3 years later.

In the years following the surgery she, her brother Jeremy and her parents lived in a humble dwelling on 149 Flanigan Road. It had everything new and it was on their own land they toiled hard for to earn. In the years to come Amy would go on to practice ballet and graduate from Uniontown High school. After High School she went to Frostburg University and Penn State Fayette, eventually graduating. In the following years she met her brother’ s friend, Pat Shaffer, whom she fell in love with and they would later get married, having 2 kids.

Today she is fulfilling her life-long dream of educating children as a 2nd grade teacher at Benjamin Franklin School right here in Uniontown and has done so for over 20 years. She loves her job and going to school every day. Her brother and sister-in-law all teach in the same district, albeit at different schools. In any event, the condition she had as a baby, does not stop her today, 47 years later, from living her life and doing all that she loves.

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