Notable Native: Abe Everhart

By: Kean Calloway

Abe Everhart was the Uniontown Basketball, Track and Field, and Cross Country coach. He is in the WPIAL hall fame for his impressive record in the many sports he coached. Abe Everhart came from a coaching background, his father Abe Everhart Sr. was also the basketball coach for Uniontown High school the led the team to their first WPIAL championship in 1925. Abe coached for 29 years after retiring in 1976.  His career record was 549-149 with four WPIAL championships and two PIAA championships. In 1964 Abe’s team went undefeated, and once winning 52 games in a row which still ties the WPIAL record.

Abe won 21 section titles for Uniontown and produced a 95-1 record in section play from 1960-1966. The principal at the time said that his record was one thing but he was also beloved by his players. Former red raider great Don Yates said that Abe wouldn’t let them play a position they were not skilled at but let them played to their ability and that’s why they were such a good team. Another great basketball player from the raiders Pete Smith said that Abe would really get into the game but would let them play their own game. Which took a lot of weight of  off the players shoulders.

One of the Highlights for Everhart was defeating Norristown 70-57 in the PIAA Championship in 1962. In the game former raider Don Yates paced the team with 22 points and ended their season with a 29-2 record. Everhart also made history by coaching beside his father to become the first father son combo to coach a Pennsylvania basketball championship.

Abe Everhart had to eventually retired after health issues, Having his second heart attack in 1977.   He said he couldn’t come back because his doctors wouldn’t clear him.  Abe returned anyway knowing that the doctors did not clear him and coach girls basketball at California High, then at Laurel Highlands, and eventually back at Uniontown were he started.

Abe Everhart died after his third heart attack fourteen years later. Abe is now a member of the Pennsylvania basketball hall of fame and was recently inducted in to the WPIAL hall of fame.


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