Academic League Debate

This year Uniontown Area High School created a debate team. Once a month the “debaters” would travel to different schools to debate events. March was the last month and it was hosted here in the UHS auditorium. The debate topics were:

  1. Standardized testing should determine Graduation status
  2. Minors should be tried as adults
  3. Vaccinations in children should be required by law

Before the debate names are picked randomly and people from every school and integrated into teams of four for affirmative and negative of each topic. After that everyone has an allotted amount of time to brainstorm and coordinate their speeches. Each team assigns an introduction, two body speeches, and a conclusion speech.

During the debate the pro introduction speaker speaks first and then the con introduction speaker, from there it alternates until every speaker is finished. Then, the teams can ask each other questions, following that the audience asks questions. The audience votes and comments on the debate. The votes are  counted up and constructive comments are read to the audience.

You do not have to be part of the academic league to be part of these events. For next year, if you are interested contact Mr. Svokos or Mrs. Vaccaro.





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