Academic League Regionals

On Tuesday, April 6th, the Uniontown academic league team went to California University to participate in Regionals. There were four teams in attendance including Uniontown, Charleroi, Gannon-Mac, and Connellsville. The tournament was double elimination and each match had 2 rounds consisting of 10 questions. There was one lightning round in between each round that consisted of 5 questions. The team trailing after the first 10 question round would answer the first lightning round questions, and the team ahead would have their lightning round after the second 10 question round.

Uniontowns Grant Barcheck, Malcolm Patton, Brooklyn Williams, Addison Wilhelm, Serenity Fullem, and Gavin O’Brien beat Charleroi in their first match 20-14. In the next match, they competed against Gannon-Mac, which they lost 22-14. This then put them in the losers bracket, and in the semi-finals of the tournament against Charleroi as they beat Connellsville in their previous round. Uniontown again managed to beat Charleroi, the score of this match was 22-12.

In the final match Uniontown again played Gannon-Mac. After round one of the game, Uniontown was ahead 10-8. Unfortunately after a tough second round, they were down 24-20 going into their lightning round. Uniontown didn’t manage to recover in the lightning round, as they were defeated 24-22 by Gannon-Mac. Overall, they placed 2nd in the tournament. Good luck to Seniors Brooklyn Williams, Addison Wilhelm, Serenity Fullem, and Gavin O’Brien. Congratulations on a great season.

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