Academic League Wins Tournament

Wednesday, March 4th, Academic league competed in the tournament. Varsity and Junior Varsity both won the the tournament. Varsity went undefeated through the entire tournament. JV won the tournament , and also had the most wins of the entire season.

Varsity has 12 members. JV has eight members three of those eight mainly stay on the panel while the the rest of the five switch out in the fourth seat. Varsity only lost one match in the regular season while Junior Varsity was undefeated. Varsity played Laurel Highlands and Waynesburg Central. JV played Carmichaels and Albert Gallatin.

Because of their victorious tournaments Varsity and Junior Varsity will earn plaques. Junior Varsity will also earn a plaque for winning the regular season. Best of luck to the team next season!


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