Activities Students Can Do While at Home

During our unexpected time off, most of our students are sitting at home doing nothing. One of our teachers, Mrs. Jeffries, visited Coopers Rock during her time off. We want to give some students and parents some activities that other students are doing with their time of, we asked some of our students what they are doing during this break. We asked the same question,” What have you done or what are you planning to do during this time off?”

Student Answer: ” I do a 30 minute workout everyday, read a few chapters in a book, cleaning and organizing my room, taking walks around my neighbor, and I play my piano and guitar.”

Student Answer: “The Trio group Upward Bound is having a virtual lesson tomorrow and i plan on joining. I’ve also been exploring around my house, since i recently moved here.”

Student Answer: ” I haven’t done much, but i’ve been helping my dad do work around the house, and i’ve been able to spend more time with my family.”

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