Advice for the Freshies from the Seniors

When you start high school it’s pretty exciting. It’s the start of next four years of your life. You think that it’ll go smoothly and you that you have it all figured out, but we are here to tell you that you’re wrong. High school is great, but it will have the bad moments too. You will start learning more about yourself and who you truly want to be.

Heres some anonymous advice from the seniors:

Don’t think that you will be the exact same person that you are now, when you graduate. There will be so many things that happen in just these fast four years. You will become a completely different person than who you thought you were going to be. The smallest things that occur during high school will shape you into who you are when you walk across the stage. We know this is something everyone says and it’s true,“Don’t waste these four years because they will go by so fast.” We are now seniors and it still feels like it we are freshmen. These next four years will genuinely go by so much quicker than you think it will, and you probably won’t truly realize that until your junior/senior year. So please take this advice and live in the present moment, and make the most out of these four years!

Try your best to live in the present moment. Be smart and think to yourself “Is this going to bother me in another 5 years? No, it won’t matter at all then.” Just try to relax and have a good time. Try not to let the little things that may seem like they matter so much in this moment, bother you. If you let those things that aren’t going to matter in another 5 years get to you, then you aren’t going to enjoy your high school years the most that you can. One more small piece of advice; Others happiness isn’t your responsibility. Please just breathe and make your high school years the best that you can, and you’ll be fine.

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