Anderson Takes Home The Crown

A very exciting week came to end on Friday night. Avery Anderson was crowned this years Homecoming Queen at the football game. Since the announcement of court, rumors have circulated about tensions between the candidates but the four other girls took their loss gracefully. Sequoia Dunlap, Avery Lax, Jersey Greer, and Ariana Frankenfield along with the underclassmen court ,Gianna Radovich, Joey Miller, Olivia Huey and Bella Palm (pictured below) still got the honor of representing their class.

As for Avery Anderson, she’s ecstatic about her win and has taken time to tell us about the moment when she was crowned. When asked about why she decided to run and her feelings about winning she said “I decided to run for Homecoming Queen as a personal goal I set for myself. When I heard the announcement, I wasn’t quite sure it was me. I was nervous but excited. After I realized that I had won, I was filled with pride. I feel very honored to represent Uniontown High School as the 2022 Homecoming Queen. I will always carry this memory.”

We’re proud to have Avery as our queen too. Congratulations to all the girls on court and don’t forget the Homecoming Dance is this Saturday, September twenty-fourth.

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