April Fool’s Day

Every year, April 1 is a day for pranks and jokes.  This holiday is known as April Fool’s Day, or All Fools Day.  But where did this holiday originate?  Who started the holiday made for jokers?  The origins of the national holiday isn’t very clear, but there are a few well-known theories.

One popular theory is that April Fool’s Day originated in France during the 1500s.  The country usually celebrated the new year in April or on Easter.  But to correspond to the Roman calendar, New Years was moved to January 1.  However, the communication was very slow, and some people in rural areas didn’t hear about the change.  Others chose to ignore it.  These people were known as April’s Fools.  In France, April Fool’s Day is known as “le poisson d’Avril.” A popular French prank is to tape paper fish to someone’s back.

Another theory originated from the Romans in the age of Constantine I.  The ruler allowed the jesters of the palace to have one of their elected members be king for a day on April 1.  Constantine gave the right to rule to King Kugel, and he declared that the day would forever be strange and ridiculous.

It’s also believed that the holiday started from old European spring festivals of renewal.  But either way, we still celebrate April Fool’s Day on April 1 every year.  Many people enjoy participating in playing a joke on their friends and family.  Who will you fool?

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