Aquatics at UHS

Aquatics is a physical education class at UHS where students learn how to swim and learn strokes and skills to use while swimming. Students also learn how to perform CPR and use AED equipment. Myself and many other students think this class is a fun class and we should feel lucky that this class exists here at UHS because a lot of other schools don’t have a pool. Along with students who enjoy this class, there are also students that dread or don’t look forward to having this class. The most common reason is because they are afraid that the water will be freezing but it really isn’t that cold.

It also may not necessarily be the class itself, but rather the time they have the class, like having it 1st period. I will admit, 1st period isn’t the greatest time to have aquatics because it’s so early in the morning and a lot of students are still tired and waking up. Swimming also tends to tire the students out sometimes making them feel tired in their next class, making 4th period the best time to have aquatics.

Before I had aquatics, half of me was looking forward to it and the other half wasn’t, but after I had it for a week, I realized it wasn’t bad at all and was actually fun. After the 9 weeks was over, I missed having the class and couldn’t wait to take it again. A lot of students that don’t look forward to this class say that they are going to wait until their senior year to take aquatics. My suggestion to them is that they should just try and take it in 10th grade for two reasons. One of them is so that they can just get it over with if they actually don’t like it, and the other is so that they have two more years to take it again because you can’t take it again when you’re a senior and about to graduate. I don’t want anyone to regret not taking it sooner and not have another opportunity to take it again. So I recommend that Freshman request aquatics this year when they do scheduling in the spring.

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