Are you a Twilight fan?

There are two types of people in this world: the ones that hate Twilight, and the ones that love it.  If you are all about forbidden love, fictional creatures, and things of that nature, than this is the movie series for you.  Twilight (the first of the series) is basically about a normal human girl who runs into a vampire and ends up falling head over heels in love.  Though they run into some trouble with a few rogue vampires, Edward takes care of it by beheading one.  Of course, that just causes more problems to surface for the couple.  From there, it’s all about how they are going to be together because they are just so different. 

New Moon is the continuation of the series and depicts Edward leaving Bella, which causes her to turn to Jacob.  Jacob starts to act weird towards Bella, and she later discovers that he is a werewolf.  Victoria, one of the rogue vampires from before, wants to kill Bella as revenge for her loved one whom Edward beheaded.  Edward comes back, but because he nearly exposed his existence, he is being watched by a powerful vampire group, the Volturi.  He must change Bella into a vampire if they want to live, which is his worst fear.  Although Edward is completely against the thought of Bella becoming a “monster,” his condition to change her is for her to marry him.

Eclipse kicks off with Victoria biting a random boy to start creating an army.  She plans to kill Bella with a bunch of random newborns.  The rest of the movie is a battle between the Cullens and werewolves against Victoria’s army.  The many deaths caused by the newborns do not go unnoticed.  The Volturi come to make sure that all the newborns are dealt with and to see if Bella is still human.  The official date has been set for after graduation.

Next comes Breaking Dawn Part 1.  In this film, the couple is wed.  They go off to their honeymoon and come back with a pregnant Bella.  The baby/vampire thing is killing her so she has to give birth and be changed directly after if she is to survive.  Jacob is about to kill the baby that just made her a vampire, but just as he is about to, he imprints.  Imprinting is for a werewolf to find his/her soul mate.  It is also forbidden for any of the pack to kill either of them.  Bella is now a vampire, and Jacob is in love with her baby.

I’ve asked some students what they thought about the series and got these responses:

Blain Schiff:  “Crappy actors, crappy scripts, crappy effects, and crappy visuals.”

Paige Davison:  “I love everything about it!’

Jacob Gatts:  “It’s very very entertaining.  It’s just a great series.”

The final part of the movie reflects on the past occurrences with the baby and Jacob, Edward and Bella, and the Cullens and the Volturi.  The Volturi believe that the Cullens bit a child rather than Bella giving birth to one.  It’s illegal to bite a kid, and a vampire never gave birth to one before.

Are you interested in seeing one last fight for endless love?  Let us know what you think.



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