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It’s no surprise how active the art club is in our school.  There’s evidence of their work everywhere, the display cabinet, Paige Tibbe’s showcase, Dolores the Stegosaurus, Vogelchen, and of course The Wall.  I asked a couple members of the art club what they thought of it and what participation they had in it.

Mrs. Gartley, Sponsor:

What kind of things do you do and are there any upcoming events?
“We do whatever the school needs or certain teachers ask for.  Sometimes we do projects for the community as well, we will be starting on the legendary Wall soon too.”

What is your most favorite thing about art and the art club?
“I love art because it brings people together and makes us think creatively.  The art club is great especially for kids who can’t fit art into their schedules.  I love everyone’s enthusiasm!”

How does art impact your life?
“Art gives me a purpose and also provides an outlet for self expression.”

Are the art club members relatively the same every year?
Each year is different, some students have been in art club all four years, some have just discovered it.  We allow people to join the club all year because we want to be welcoming to all, but sometimes it’s a challenge to have an ever changing group.”

Natalie Szewczwyk, President:

What things do you do in art club?
“We paint murals and are commissioned to do different projects.  March 5th is an art show and the induction to our National Art Honors Society.”

What is your most favorite part of art and the art club?
“The expressions you can portray and the ideas that don’t require words to form.”

How does art impact your life?
“It makes more sense, it helps me to form my thoughts with pictures instead of words.”

Do you feel that the art club consists of very similar people, does it feel like a family?
Mostly, there is some difference in the people, but we have the same creative way of thinking that brings us together.”

Tori Green, Member:

What things do you do in art club?
“Everyone contributes their own personal art style.  I help to complete props for plays, murals, and different projects throughout the school.”

What is your favorite thing about art and the art club?
“The best thing about art is it gives you a chance to express your emotions in a way that is unique.  Art club is a place for us like-minded individuals to come together, joke around, discuss art styles, and develop our art talent.”

How does art impact your life?
“Art makes you creative and unique.  Art comes in different forms, music, visual art, filmaking, etc.  Without art, things would be dull, it brings beauty and grace to our lives. ”

Do you feel that art club consists of very similar people, does it feel like a family?
“Yeah, we get tons of people who say they are in art club, but never really do anything with it.  Art club as a whole consists of similar people.  It’s not completely close-knit, but art club brings people who are different together.  So I guess you could call us a dysfunctional family.”

Congrats to the new National Art Honor Society members, and thanks to the art club for all they do for this school!



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