Art in Italy

Recently, a few students and teachers went on a trip to Italy. The lucky few experienced a memorable visit to the wonderful country which they will never forget. The students enjoyed the culture of Italy; with its different food, shopping, sights and sounds. But what is an art trip without art? Teachers and students alike witnessed many beautiful masterpieces firsthand. They saw murals created by Girotto, Michelangelo’s David, Donatello’s Mary Magdelen, and Caravaggio’s Conversion of St. Paul. They even saw the Sistine Chapel in the same spot that Michelangelo meant for it to be seen.

Natalie Szewczyk was one of the students that went on the trip to Italy. “The city they visited was divine, exciting, and beautiful. While the locals spoke Italian, the shop owners and tourists spoke English.” During their eight day visit they did a lot of shopping in Florence. While Rome was extremely hot and dusty, the statues and buildings there inspired Natalie to look into the architecture business. Though the trip was a wonderful and exciting experience, there was one problem the group encountered. On the eight hour return flight they arrived at the JFK airport. Due to a storm, their flight from JFK to Pittsburg was cancelled forcing the group to have to sleep on the floor of the airport. Instead of waiting three days for the next flight they decided to take a train home. Other than that the group had an amazing and wonderful adventure they won’t ever forget.

The Ecstacy of St. Theresa by Bernini


The Colosseum in Rome
The Old Bridge in Florence



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