Artist Of The Week: Addy Miller

Q: What art form are you most passionate about?
A: “I’d have to say painting, specifically with acrylics. It’s such a free, flowy art form that I’ve loved ever since I was a child.”

Q: What do you use as your inspiration?
A: “I find new inspirations every day! But the things that I’d say influence my art the most are music, nature, and mythology.”

Q: What made you want to pursue painting?
A: “I suppose it’s because I’ve always liked it. It’s something I’m comfortable with and enjoy doing.”

Q: How has UHS helped you to pursue and advance your skills?
A: “For that I’d probably have to thank Mrs. Gartley. Mrs. Gartley helped me develop art subjects and mediums i already had experience with, along with showing me new things.”

Q: Do you have an artist that you are inspired by?
A: “Tough question- there’s a lot of artists that inspire me, whether I’ve only seen one of their works or all of them. It just depends on what my brain starts thinking of when I look at their art.”

Q: Do you have any works that you are proud of?
A: “For sure! I’ve had pieces that I absolutely adore, but I’ve also had pieces that I want to destroy. My perception of my art changes over time, but I’ve made a few things that I’m still quite happy with to this day.”

Q: Do you have any advice for future artists?
A: “Don’t hold back when it comes to your art. You can only reach your true potential if you try and take risks. You’ll constantly be improving, whether it’s large or small. Keep going, even when you feel like giving up.”

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