Artist of the Week: Alyssa Bella

Alyssa Bella is a senior here at Uniontown High School. She says she is a relatively quiet person who has really bad anxiety and ADHD. Drawing helps her relax and stay calm through the day. People make her anxious but art doesn’t. She said art helps her focus and pay attention. I grown up with some form of art , this being music. Music is very important to me as well.

Q: What forms of art do you practice?
A: I do illustrations and digital art

Q: What is your favorite material to use?
A: I love using my laptop and a drawing tablet

Q: Did you like to draw as a kid?
A: I did, I loved drawing the power puff girls

Q: Do you participate in any activates?
A: No, not recently. I used to send in my art to the art reaches in middle school

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: Well, I like to draw my own characters or characters that I love a lot

Q: Who is your favorite artist?
A: Hmm, my favorite known artist is Van Gough but, my favorite artist now is Sevvydraws

Q: What inspires you?
A: A lot of animation and cartoons really inspire me. My mom does as well. Shows like Power Puff Girls and and series called Home Struck really inspires me

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